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The human form has long held a fascination for me. I incorporate the attributes of ancient goddesses and astrology to express the symbolic impact on our lives today. I give more of a "real woman" look to my sculptures than the traditional ethereal goddess look. These images are in stone. Stone is a massive, solid material. It doesn't make sense to me to turn most of that rock back to dust.

And, then there are the animals. Each have their own symbolic meanings. Rabbit - luck, magical power, success, abundance. Toad - new life, fruitfulness, prosperity. Dragon - protection, strength, courage. Cow - abundance & fertility, patience, holiness, new beginnings. I am currently working on a series of ancient animal goddess sculptures, which incorporate both human and animal form. 

My process is called taille directe or direct carving, which means I carve directly into the stone without first making a model from another medium such as clay or plaster. The rocks I use are soapstone or alabaster or limestone. 


Raised in Antigo, Wisconsin, Bradley studied art and theatre in college. She worked in experimental theatre in Denver, Colorado as an actress performing in plays by emerging playwrights. Returning to Wisconsin, she studied art in the University of Wisconsin system and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD).

She painted in oils until she was introduced to stone carving, which ignited her love for three dimensional form. 


Using human and animal forms, Kate assimilates the attributes of ancient goddesses and the symbolic meanings of animals to signify their impact on our lives..

Ever a student, Bradley continually engages in self-study. She attends Indiana Limestone Symposium yearly. 


An award winning artist, she is represented by 200 Main Art & Wine in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.




Studio de la Paloma

Wausau, Wisconsin


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